Clear advantage with credit card

If you have a current account with the Across Lender, you can also use one or more credit cards. This has many advantages, especially abroad. Read here how credit cards work.

A credit card is practical because it allows you to withdraw money or make cashless payments – for example in restaurants or shops. However, the service is not free of charge. First, an annual flat rate for the use of the credit card is due. In addition, in many countries there is an additional fee if you use the credit card to get cash with the PIN at the machine or on presentation of your passport at the counter.

You can also pay contactlessly with a credit card in many places – up to 25 dollars even without a PIN. Since July 2017, all new Across Lender credit cards have been equipped with a contactless function – you can see this from the contactless symbol on the card. Pay attention to the corresponding logo on the terminals at the dealers. It shows you whether you can pay contactless.

In order to get a credit card, the hurdle Credit Bureau information must be taken in Germany. The card issuing institute can obtain information on the creditworthiness of the customer from Credit Bureau: does the consumer have a loan? Are invoices undisputedly open and reminded? On the basis of this information, it is weighed whether the customer will be able to carry the charge on the credit card in the future without any problems. Because with most credit cards in Germany, billing takes place only once a month. This means that the credit card company collects all amounts that are paid with the credit card in the course of a month and debits them together from the current account at a fixed time. If you don’t keep an eye on your expenses, you can quickly slide into the red. This type of credit card, which is also used by the savings banks,


Different types of credit cards

credit cards

There is also a so-called debit credit card, which, like the Charge Card, is valid worldwide and is called the base card at the Across Lender. This is a rechargeable credit card that has all the functions of a conventional credit card. For example, you can use it to shop online, pay for travel and cash out at an ATM. With the rechargeable credit card you have full cost control. However, expenditure is only possible within the framework of the previously deposited credit.

A third type is particularly common in the United States. The credit cards there, also called revolving cards, offer real credit. This means that at the end of the month, not all of the sum, but only a part of it is debited from the checking account. The rest of the time, however, is subject to high interest rates.


What to do in the event of card misuse?

credit cards

In Germany you often need a credit card if you want to shop online. Fraudsters take advantage of this. You must report incorrect bookings to your Across Lender immediately. If the card is lost or stolen, you should have it blocked immediately: The blocking emergency call in Germany for all cards.